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  • Fruitables Wildly Natural Salmon Cat Treats

    This Salmon Flavor treat is made with succulent salmon and carefully crafted into a crispy crunch on the outside and an airy puffed texture on the inside. Wildly different! A new type of cat treat made in a healthy, natural way with a flavour that drives cats wild, naturally! Less than 2 calories per treat. Your feline friend is sure to savour this salmon delight!

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  • Grain-Free Salmon Simplicity Dog Food

    We are very proud of our hypoallergenic GRAIN-FREE,  limited-ingredient canine Salmon recipe. It has a high meat inclusion, in this case de-boned salmon and ONLY Salmon. Known for its heart and health benefits in humans, we knew the benefits of salmon would be just as plentiful for our furry family. Using salmon as a unique protein source aids in creating a balanced omega fatty acid profile. This helps insulate your dog so they can sail through day to day stresses. As well, with salmon being the only meat source, it is the perfect way to avoid poultry sensitivities. We added pre and probiotics to aid in digestion and assimilation, and almost as a bonus,  the healthful benefits of each ingredient became clear. In the ocean of canine foods that are available, ours stands out as providing dogs with more energy, shinier coats and brighter eyes! Our salmon is sourced from sustainable sources and our suppliers guarantee both freshness and consistency. On its own, or blended with our Lamb recipe (our version of ‘surf and turf’) this food is sure to be a favourite that your pup will dive into!  Reel some in today for your fur family!

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  • Natural pet food with lamb

    Lamb Optimal Protection Dog Food

    A very special and unique recipe that we recommend as the Optimal alternative to the various poultry and fish diets that proliferate the market. Our quality source of lamb is comparable to a high cut of bison. Lamb has many of the same benefits as bison but is much more environmentally sustainable. It may hail from down under, but New Zealand lamb is often considered a top-line protein because it is easily digested and readily available. Not only does this recipe feature apples, carrots and cranberries, we designed this recipe with the addition of coconut oil in place of poultry fats as it contains many health benefits. This enables us to recommend this recipe for those dogs that have a sensitivity to poultry in any form. In addition we use both pre and probiotics to aid digestion and assimilation of all the Optimal health benefits this food has to offer. This is also one of the recommended recipes for dogs that are a little pudgy. Its balance of ingredients, palatability and omega fatty acids profile, is why we named it ‘Optimal Protection’.        It protects your fur family by providing everything needed to maintain health and vigor...well, almost everything...all you need to add is love!

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  • Performance active dog food with chicken grain free

    Chicken Performance Dog Food

    This award-worthy canine recipe is guaranteed to get rave reviews from your furry family member. Packed with fresh chicken, farm fresh veggies & fruits and loaded with Omega fatty acids, this recipe is balanced for the most discriminating palate and worthy of a repeat Perfromance! The addition of probiotics and prebiotics in this recipe are key for proper digestion and the assimilation of the various nutrients.  A happy gut means a happy digestive tract and that means a happy and healthy dog throughout their life-"stages". This recipe made its debut in 1997 and although we have made improvements over the years,  it has continued to be a go-to recipe for many breeders due to its high chicken and moderate protein & fat content. We never use by-products, artificial preservatives, corn or wheat in our kibbles and consider this our “Outstanding Performance” recipe because quite simply,  it produces outstanding results in most situations. We often recommend blending this recipe with our Chicken Optimal Weight formula, especially for large breed puppies in the first six to nine crucial months of their development.

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  • Feline indoor optimal weight cat food

    Feline Indoor Optimal Weight Cat Food

    Developed to enhance your kitty’s adventure-seeking indoor life, this recipe uses three of their favourite sources of protein (Chicken, Turkey and Salmon) in purr-fect balance. The addition of pea fiber assists in leveling the blood glucose curve and is a great source of insoluble dietary fibre for improved intestinal health and to aid in reducing or eliminating those sometimes harrowing hairballs.                       We’ve also added lysine, an essential amino acid to boost your feline friend’s ability to fight off certain ailments such as feline herpes and conjunctivitis. And last but not least, we add the necessary amount of taurine essential for cats bodies to avoid heart and eye problems keeping them in Optimal kitty condition!  Ounce for ounce and pounce for pounce, this kibble is sure to be your fluffy feline’s favourite!

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  • Superfood Grain-Free Dog Food

    We call this dry dog food recipe our canine Superfood because of the ingredients we put into it.  It is a Grain-Free recipe that is both a moderate protein and moderate fat diet. The arrival of Grain Free diets almost a decade ago brought with it some nasty side effects.  There were many problems caused by the high level of protein and fats in some of the new grain-free diets. We designed our recipe to be on the moderate side for both protein and fat levels. The benefits became immediately apparent – furry families thrived with little or no issues. A glance at the ingredient list will tell you all you need to know, as this recipe offers all that is great about Earth Options pet food.  Take a look and compare our Superfood with what you are currently feeding. We are sure you will feel confident in giving us a try! It’s a super way to show your dog he’s your hero!

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  • Dog food optimal weight overweight dogs

    Chicken Optimal Weight Dog Food

    Designed specifically to help maintain your furry best friend’s trim Optimal figure, this recipe does this and so much more. Featuring Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Chondroitin Sulphate which have been linked to successfully providing structure to bones, cartilage, and other body tissue, the combination is also believed to stimulate the rebuilding of the cartilage matrix and plays a role in the fight against osteoarthritis which is becoming common in our overweight canine companions. This recipe features a low protein and fat content that helps maintain optimal weight while still providing high quality and easily digested chicken as the main source of protein. There are also whole fruits and vegetables including carrots, apples, potatoes, blueberries, and cranberries! We designed this Optimal diet without beef, wheat, corn, or soy. Every ingredient in this recipe is part of the reason your furry friend will thrive. And there is more…                                                                          This pet food recipe is not just for weight loss or keeping that trim Optimal weight figure, it can be mixed with one of our other recipes to achieve more specific results. We recommend it in conjunction with other diets to help with weight gain. It is an excellent diet to feed our older pet generation and it helps with any minor gastric issues due to unique environmental conditions. Order some today and get your canine companion on the road to their Optimal Weight!

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  • Grain-free potato-free dog food

    Grain-Free Turkey Simplicity Dog Food

    This Grain-Free, Limited Ingredient kibble recipe is simply superior to the brands many veterinarians commonly prescribe for food sensitivities. The main reason is a simple one. We pack a lot of punch and by punch we mean lean, mean turkey, into every bag.  Our Turkey provides up to 50% more concentrated meat protein and up to 50% more metabolized energy in each kibble, when compared to similar recipes. This is a  balanced and complete diet for your canine companion, whether a puppy or a senior. This recipe also includes lentils and chickpeas that provide wholesome energy, among the many other health benefits these legumes contain. We have seen this diet solve unexplained stomach issues, irritated bowels, skin issues, inflamed ears and yeast build up. Just like us, food sensitivities in our fur friends can also occur, and if your pet has recurrent gastro issues or ear problems or you find them licking their paws, that could be a sure sign of a food sensitivity and we highly recommend you give this recipe a try . Why comb through all the other brands out there when this recipe in all its Simplicity, is one-in-a-million for your one-in-a-million!

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    Our primary goal is to try and make sure that we do the best we can in deciding which recipe is best for your furry family.

    We offer a much larger sampling of the recipe we recommend that is sourced directly from the latest batch of each of our recipes.

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    All you need to know about the founders and the people within the Pets First family is that we have furry families and we care about their ongoing health and wellness. Explore our selection of quality healthy dog and cat foods made right here in Canada.

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    Our guarantee

    Our primary goal is to try and make sure that we do the best we can in deciding which recipe is best for your furry family.

    We offer a much larger sampling of the recipe we recommend that is sourced directly from the latest batch of each of our recipes.

    Our primary goal is to try and make sure that we do the best we can in deciding which recipe is best for your furry family.

    We offer a much larger sampling of the recipe we recommend that is sourced directly from the latest batch of each of our recipes.

    • We care too much about our customers to take that chance.

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