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Natural Pet Food Company

Pets First was born in 1994 and is a family owned Canadian pet food manufacturer.  The founders consider pets to be more than furry companions but an important part of our families. We became early champions of developing and preparing proper pet diets.  Pet food was big business then and most of the major manufacturers of that time were making shocking decisions based entirely on their bottom line.

All you need to know about the founders and the people within the Pets First family is that we have furry families and we care about their ongoing health and wellness. Explore our selection of quality healthy dog and cat foods made right here in  Canada.

Our Mission

Helping our furry families live longer and healthier lives!

  • We have made this goal a reality and throughout our years in existence,  have happily fed thousands of dogs and cats. Many of those thrived well into their teens!

  • We focus on proper nutrition. Grain Free diets, Limited ingredient diets and strive to make them all natural. We pay attention to every detail which includes making our food in small batches to lock in freshness.  

  • We can proudly state that since our inception we have NEVER been part of ANY PET FOOD PRODUCT RECALL!!

  • In our long history – We have NEVER used artificial preservatives, undefined ingredients or artificial colouring in our recipes.

  • We are CANADIAN and very proud of our track record in the pet industry.


Natural Pet Food Recipes

Earth Options by Pets First recipes strive for excellence in nutrition and freshness. Quite simply, they are superior to any in the marketplace. We meet or exceed AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) as well as CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association) standards. We only use the finest ingredients. Our bags are stamped with the date of manufacture so you always know just how fresh the food really is. We strive to keep you informed and have never made a decision that negatively impacts the quality of our foods, our ingredients or our service.

Our Earth Options by Pets First recipes include several GRAIN FREE pet food options. Two of our Grain-Free recipes are also LIMITED INGREDIENT RECIPES. We also have some of the most time tested dog and cat dry food recipes on the market. We developed our ‘Chicken Performance’ recipe in 1997, which continues to obtain rave reviews from pet owners. We have of course tweaked it over the years.  The majority of our raw ingredients are found close to our manufacturing facility and we can tell exactly where each ingredient originates.  We secure the freshest possible source for our recipes while helping reduce our carbon paw print.


Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is that your furry family is offered the best quality nutrition that money can buy. Your Peace of Mind is our mission.

Fresh is ALWAYS best.  We are ALWAYS very diligent about freshness.  That is why we source only the best and get your furry family’s food to you as directly as we can.  Large chain pets stores, or Big box pet stores – NO WAY.  Large Distributor WAREHOUSES – no chance.

  • We care too much about our customers to take that chance.

  • We know when every bag was made.

  • We know that every batch has been through a rigorous inspection.

  • We know that our facilities have regular inspections by both the USDA and the CFIA. 

  • We know where every ingredient originates.

  • And … we know that if it’s not perfect – it doesn’t leave our facility!

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