Furry Family Values

Save your money with Furry Family Values

At Pets First we welcome you into our family and want you to be aware of some of the extraordinary savings that are are available to our furry families. Rest assured that in almost 30 years we have never been part of any product recall nor have ANY of our products been associated with any pet health issues. This includes the fact that none of our products are linked in any way to the recent DCM scare.  Yes, our products are that good.  Long time customers eagerly attest to how well their furry family do on our recipes.

What does Furry Family VALUES really mean.  Well there is much more to us than a typical pet food manufacturer.   We aren't interested in being the biggest, just the best.  We don't make 300 different foods, just 7. We aren't available in regular retail although we do dabble in some smaller areas.  That is probably why you have never heard about us.   … and that is OK!!

Furry Family VALUES is about us paying attention to detail.  

Each batch is tested and approved BEFORE it ships. 

The date of manufacturer is on every bag so we know how fresh the food is when it drops by your front door.

Furry Family VALUES is also about providing you with some unique ways to help save money while also helping the environment.

Pets First PetPoints!

We pioneered PetPoints in 1994. Yes you read that right.   

For almost 30 years all Pets First customers have been receiving PetPoints with every purchase.  We currently offer 10 PetPoints for every dollar that is spent at our Suggested Retail price on any of the products you purchase on line or at our head office store.  

Long time customers are familiar with the accumulating totals that are highlighted on every invoice. 

They are easy to use. Simply give us a call. Send a text or email us. Tell us which item you want to purchase using your Pets First PetPoints. As long as you have enough we will send the requested item along with your next order.  

Not sure how many PetPoints are needed.
We can help with that too!
Let us know which product interests you and we will tell you how many PetPoints Are needed for that item  as well as letting you know how many you currently have. 

There are some pretty neat ways to use them. They are as good as cash!

  • Use them instead of cash to help reduce shipping charges. 
  • Add a bag of treats to your food order.
  • Accumulate them and use them for your favorite Pets First recipe
Start Collecting

RECYCLE BAG INITIATIVE - Keep our bags out of landfills

Early in our history we used a four layer paper with an additional  plastic film bag for all of our larger bags. In 2011  we found a great new bag for our food. It kept our food fresher than the previous bags and kept the contents  safe from harmful UV rays, air and moisture. Freshness is a paramount concern for our company and that made the decision to use these bags exclusively a little easier.

On the flip side the bag is isn't easily recyclable. Consumers can certainly put our bag in the blue bin BUT it will LIKE ALL OTHER pet food bags eventually find its way to a landfill. We don’t want our bags in landfills because they will take a long time to degrade.
We prefer to take a pioneering step to help protect the environment. It is a unique program and we do provide a reward for those that use it.

Our solution YOUR REWARD

One FREE bag of the recipe of your choice when you return 15 empty bags to our head office.

This is not a loyalty offer (We have PetPoints for that) -  This is a way for our customers to help the environment by keeping our bags out of landfills. We appreciate that our customers send us the empty bags and we truly appreciate that they care for the environment. This initiative is currently only available in Canada.

How do I get my free bag?

Once you have returned 15 empty bags we will generate a FREE bag of the recipe of your choice. 

There are two size formats and the 15 bags must be of the same size format. The free bag will be of the same size as the returned bags.

You can choose to accumulate the bags and send them to us all at once or you can drop a smaller number into our office. We will track them and let you know when you are eligible for a free bag.

Start Helping the environment

Add up the $avings.

Pets First Pet Food Founders Canada

1 FREE bag with every 15 purchases using our recycle bag Initiative

1 FREE bag with every 30 purchases using our PetPoints program.

What this really means is that over time you $ave 10% by using these two Furry Family Values concurrently!

Want to $ave even more!

How do we grow our business.  We grow by keeping our customers happy and healthy.  Our many customers tell us how strangers come up to them and comment about the great looking coats and/or steady energy levels.  Best of all are  the ones over 15 years old and still thriving. Our customers brag about us. They spread the word. Our healthy happy furry families are our best advertisements. We like to do more than just say THANK YOU!




Name of the person Im referring
Name of the person Im referring
This person is
They have
It's ok to use my name
I understand that in order for my bonus to be credited to me. The person will need to purchase at least a ten pound bag of any recipe.

IF you are not currently using our products then please skip this section. Get yourself a FREE SAMPLE as part of our TRY BEFORE YOU BUY program. Learn about us and our products and most importantly how they can help improve any issues that you may currently be challenging the health of your furry family!

If you are already part of our family? You already use our recipes and are more than pleased with the results.  You love the simplicity of our
‘Just send food’ option and you are thrilled with getting fresh food delivered to your door.  You love that each bag shows the date it was actually made.  We guarantee fresh and we all know the fresher the better. All of these small benefits add up to a healthy happy furry family! 

If you are a fan. Then we would love it if you could share that happiness with your friends and extended family. Neighbours too! 

We’d love to reward you in some small way for recommending our little company. If you don't feel comfortable receiving a personal reward then please take note of the LAPS option stated below. 

Here are some additional opportunities at saving with Pets First. 


Free food - a 10 pound bag of the food you currently use will be sent with your next food order.  (MAX Value 44.95)

Free shipping - your next order will be shipped FREE  (MAX Value 25.00)

Gift Cards from top merchants. (The Petrocan gift card is pretty popular at this time) (MAX value 15.00)

Donate to LAPS -Langley Animal Protection Society ( Max Value 10% of the value of the referred sale)

FREE PetPoints - 2500 PetPoints will be credited to your Pets First account