Our Formula


Choose Freshness

Earth Options by Pets First recipes are made in small batches with exceptional ingredients like Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, and Salmon. Fresh is ALWAYS best.  We are ALWAYS  very diligent about freshness.  That is why we source only the best and get your order out quickly and efficiently.

Choose Healthy

Earth Options by Pets First recipes are proven to help all our furry families thrive into their senior years.  We know you want the best for your family. Earth Options Grain Free and Limited Ingredient Diets provide the balanced nutrition that keeps our furry families HEALTHY in an all-natural way.


Environmentally Friendly

Earth Options pet food by Pets First recipes use as many locally available ingredients as possible. WE track where each ingredient originates!  Our recipes are packed in UV resistant packages that help keep our recipes fresh.  WE offer a unique ‘recycle program’  so our bags stay out of landfills.