Crumps’ Naturals Dog Mini Trainers Semi-Moist Beef Treats


Crumps’ Dog Mini Trainers are a semi-moist Beef treat packed with big beefy flavour, Big in flavour and small in calories, they are perfect for training or treating all breeds. Mooove over other treats, Crumps’ Semi-moist Beef Mini Trainer’s are here!

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There is nothing mini about these Mini-Trainers except size. Packed full of flavour, these semi-moist beef treats are perfect for treating and training. Made from 100% Canadian Beef, each bite size morsel is low in calories and packed with big beef flavour making it an ideal training treat. Made in Canada in small batches with all natural, high-quality ingredients, this tasty treat is protein-rich and minimally processed. Dogs will love this protein-rich all-natural treat! Every Crumps’’ Naturals Treats encourages better pet health with all-natural healthy ingredients to aid in digestion, vitamin absorption, decrease allergy issues, promote vibrant skin and coat, promote healthy gums and teeth and a healthy immune system. No additives, preservatives or artificial colours.              Mooove over other training treats, Crumps’ Semi-moist Beef Mini Trainer’s are here!