Feline Indoor Optimal Weight Cat Food


This dry cat food recipe purrfectly combines a balance of three of their favourite meat proteins designed to keep your purring predator in fine feline form! Our improved recipe also contains an increased amount of fibre which helps to reduce or eliminate those often harrowing, hairballs making it Optimal for indoor cats. Formulated to keep your cat in sleek condition, this formula is definitely the cat’s meow!

We never use any of the following in our recipes: Corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, animal by products, undefined meat sources and NO ingredients from China.



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Developed to enhance your kitty’s adventure-seeking indoor life, this recipe uses three of their favourite sources of protein (Chicken, Turkey and Salmon) in purr-fect balance.

The addition of pea fiber assists in leveling the blood glucose curve and is a great source of insoluble dietary fibre for improved intestinal health and to aid in reducing or eliminating those sometimes harrowing hairballs.                       We’ve also added lysine, an essential amino acid to boost your feline friend’s ability to fight off certain ailments such as feline herpes and conjunctivitis. And last but not least, we add the necessary amount of taurine essential for cats bodies to avoid heart and eye problems keeping them in Optimal kitty condition!  Ounce for ounce and pounce for pounce, this kibble is sure to be your fluffy feline’s favourite!