GO! Carnivore Grain Free Chicken, Turkey + Duck Senior Recipe


Grain-free and protein-rich, this recipe provides the perfect balance of nutrition and supplements to help create a healthy, happy and long life for your best friend!

Your senior dog may be slowing down and as such, we want to ensure they’re kept in top condition by providing Glucosamine/Chondroitin from New Zealand Green mussels to support hip & joint health, along with added L-Carnitine to support heart health and fat burning and pre + probiotics to support digestion.  

Fruits, berries and veggies abound in this tasty recipe your dog will love!

None of the ingredients you wouldn’t want and all of the ones that you (and your senior dog) would want in a quality food.

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This premium quality meat-strong recipe is crafted to supply complete & balanced nutrition to help your best friend stay healthy & fit. Some dogs have decidedly carnivorous preferences and this grain-free and protein-rich recipe contains the perfect blend of quality meats to match that preference. Containing essential nutrients, such as Omega fatty acids, prebiotics and probiotics, this recipe is also lower in carbohydrates and contains zero grains or gluten in order to promote overall health, strength, and fitness. Packed with fruits, veggies and berries to make this a favourite for your dog !

This recipe features: 

  • 100% fresh chicken, turkey, trout, duck & salmon and premium quality chicken, turkey, salmon, duck & herring meals
  • Green mussels and glucosamine/chondroitin support hip and joint health
  • Probiotics and prebiotic fibre promote healthy gut bacteria and good digestion plus taurine to aid vision and heart health
  • 0% by-product meals, added growth hormones, artificial preservatives, wheat, corn or soy
  • Grain & gluten free recipe