Go! Canine Sensitivities LID GF Duck Pate


Pocket Sized Pack of solution based nutrition!

An all-new line of premium quality wet food recipes for dogs and cats, formulated to provide solutions for pets’ unique dietary needs including picky eating, dandruff or dull coat, and food allergies or sensitivities. Packaged in sustainable and re-closable Tetra Pak® cartons, this line offers complementary formulations to the GO! SOLUTIONS dry food recipes, allowing pet parents to easily build solutions-oriented meal plans for their pets with multiple food formats.

12.5 oz Tetra-Pak

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For dogs who “shouldn’t eat this and can’t eat that”. Our GO! SENSITIVITIES recipes were created for pets with specific dietary needs. But all dogs will love them! Carefully prepared with all the nutrients your dog requires including premium quality cage-free duck which provides your dog with essential amino acids for strong muscles, while salmon oil helps maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat.