Grain-Free Salmon Simplicity Dog Food


One of the amazing benefits of the Omega 3 fatty acids found in our Grain-free Salmon recipe,  is the support it provides to the immune system, not to mention the relief it provides for dogs with stomach & skin issues. Also, as some dogs are sensitive to grains, our grain-free Salmon kibble is the perfect catch!

We don’t use any of the following in our recipes: Corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, animal by-products, undefined meat sources and NO ingredients from China.

Our ingredients are all sourced in North America; in fact, all of our de-boned proteins are sourced as close to our manufacturing facility as possible, with the exception of our Lamb which comes from New Zealand.

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We are very proud of our hypoallergenic GRAIN-FREE,  limited-ingredient canine Salmon recipe. It has a high meat inclusion, in this case de-boned salmon and ONLY Salmon. Known for its heart and health benefits in humans, we knew the benefits of salmon would be just as plentiful for our furry family. Using salmon as a unique protein source aids in creating a balanced omega fatty acid profile. This helps insulate your dog so they can sail through day to day stresses.

As well, with salmon being the only meat source, it is the perfect way to avoid poultry sensitivities. We added pre and probiotics to aid in digestion and assimilation, and almost as a bonus,  the healthful benefits of each ingredient became clear. In the ocean of canine foods that are available, ours stands out as providing dogs with more energy, shinier coats and brighter eyes!

Our salmon is sourced from sustainable sources and our suppliers guarantee both freshness and consistency. On its own, or blended with our Lamb recipe (our version of ‘surf and turf’) this food is sure to be a favourite that your pup will dive into!  Reel some in today for your fur family!