SPIKE™ Grain Free Duck Jerky for Dogs


The best jerky for playful and persuasive dogs!

High quality protein found in cage-free duck along with fresh pumpkin chock full of antioxidants and beta-carotene. 

Packed with nutrients found in chia, pomegranate, kale and other superfoods!  

Zero grains, gluten or glycerin

4 oz package

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SPIKE™ Grain Free Duck Jerky for Dogs is made using premium quality, cage-free duck and all natural ingredients, including the superfoods chia, pomegranate and kale which making it a nutrient-rich, high-fibre, vitamins & minerals packed treat; perfect for playful and persuasive dogs!  Free from by-products, added growth hormones, glycerin and artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.

This recipe features:

  • Antioxidant-rich fresh pumpkin that is high in beta-carotene
  • Duck as a tasty, highly digestible protein source
  • Whole chia seeds for digestive health and omega-3s
  • Zero grains, gluten or glycerin