Superfood Grain-Free Dog Food


Superdogs need Superfood!  This recipe was designed as a moderate protein recipe so the benefits to your “Superdog” are easily assimilated without gastric discomfort. They may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but this recipe will surely provide all the energy needed to run around faster than a speeding bullet. All kidding aside, this food is perfectly balanced, meaning it is suitable for all life-stages and activity levels.

We are proud to say we don’t use any of the following in our recipes: Corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, animal by products, undefined meat sources and NO Ingredients from China.

Our ingredients are all sourced in North America; in fact, all of our de-boned proteins are sourced as close to our manufacturing facility as possible, with the exception of our Lamb which comes from New Zealand.


Our ingredients are sourced in North America and our lamb is from New Zealand. Our deboned proteins are sourced local to our manufacturing facility.

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We call this dry dog food recipe our canine Superfood because of the ingredients we put into it.  It is a Grain-Free recipe that is both a moderate protein and moderate fat diet. The arrival of Grain Free diets almost a decade ago brought with it some nasty side effects.  There were many problems caused by the high level of protein and fats in some of the new grain-free diets.

We designed our recipe to be on the moderate side for both protein and fat levels. The benefits became immediately apparent – furry families thrived with little or no issues.

A glance at the ingredient list will tell you all you need to know, as this recipe offers all that is great about Earth Options pet food.  Take a look and compare our Superfood with what you are currently feeding. We are sure you will feel confident in giving us a try! It’s a super way to show your dog he’s your hero!