Grain-Free Turkey Simplicity Dog Food


Does your pooch have a sensitive stomach? Skin issues? Are they suffering from yeast build up? This single protein kibble recipe simply works like magic for these issues. And it tastes so good your pup will gobble it up!

All of our ingredients are sourced in North America; in fact, all of our deboned proteins are sourced as close to our manufacturing facility as possible, with the exception of our Lamb which comes in from New Zealand.

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This Grain-Free, Limited Ingredient kibble recipe is simply superior to the brands many veterinarians commonly prescribe for food sensitivities. The main reason is a simple one. We pack a lot of punch and by punch we mean lean, mean turkey, into every bag.  Our Turkey provides up to 50% more concentrated meat protein and up to 50% more metabolized energy in each kibble, when compared to similar recipes.

This is a  balanced and complete diet for your canine companion, whether a puppy or a senior. This recipe also includes lentils and chickpeas that provide wholesome energy, among the many other health benefits these legumes contain.

We have seen this diet solve unexplained stomach issues, irritated bowels, skin issues, inflamed ears and yeast build up.

Just like us, food sensitivities in our fur friends can also occur, and if your pet has recurrent gastro issues or ear problems or you find them licking their paws, that could be a sure sign of a food sensitivity and we highly recommend you give this recipe a try . Why comb through all the other brands out there when this recipe in all its Simplicity, is one-in-a-million for your one-in-a-million!