Providing for pets in need


Pets 1st gives back!

Our philosophy at Pets 1st is simple.  Give back to needy dogs and cats providing them a true basic necessity for survival - FOOD. 

At Pets First we believe that love, affection and proper nutrition are the best ingredients for a happy and healthy pet. We guarantee to provide your furry family with the freshest and most nutritious recipes money can buy, which in turn, ensures peace of mind. However, we also recognize that not all of our furry friends are as fortunate – many do not even have homes, let alone the proper nutrition. That is why we have made one of our missions to give to those less fortunate dogs and cats. 


Food donated to pets in need


Since our founding in 1994, Pets First has supported a variety of shelters and key organizations across Western Canada and even into the United States with our support. We have provided food in times of need due to natural disasters as well as when shelters are full but there is no food available to feed the dogs and cats in their care.  We step up whenever we can.

In addition, Our recipes are mostly home delivered but there are times when a family member doesn't like it or sometimes that it just doesn't work for them.   Worse, sometimes our pet families lose their beloved pet.  We prefer that these families donate whatever food is remaining to their local shelter on our behalf and refund any full bags that they may have.  In addition, sometimes we mistakenly send the wrong food to our customers. We replace it at no charge and quite often find that the best way to get the food back is not to try. We again ask that they donate the food to a local shelter. This helps, even if only a little, it helps.

Most importantly over the years we have forged relationships with strong rescue organizations that step up for their community.  One of those is the  Langley Animal Protections Society (LAPS).  

We are so pleased to be one of their primary sponsors and have been helping out with their state of the art program and facility since 2017.

Who is LAPS ?

Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) is a registered non-profit charitable society established in 2003 by a dedicated group of volunteers. They were eager to see positive change in the way stray, lost and unwanted animals were sheltered and cared for in Langley. In order to uphold these founding member’s values, we continue to focus on providing excellence to the community and overcoming the challenges facing animals in Langley and neighbouring communities.

Based at the Patti Dale Animal Shelter in Aldergrove, our staff and volunteers use a progressive and humane approach to care for more than 1400 dogs, cats and large animals each year. All animals that are cared for by LAPS benefit from environmental enrichment, frequent exercise, nutritious food and industry leading medical care. Our staff and volunteers ensure that each animal has the best chance at a happy and healthy life.

What are their primary goals 

  • Be recognized as a leader in animal welfare and shelter management.
  • Provide compassionate, caring services to animals and people.
  • Maintain financial sustainability.
  • Engage staff and volunteers through meaningful and impactful roles.


How does the relationship between Pets 1st and LAPS work

LAPS uses Pet’s 1st food for every adult cat and dog that comes into our shelter.  If it’s a short visit till they find their home or a longer stay to get healthy so they can be adopted; LAPS wants to make sure each animal gets the nutrition they need. When an animal is adopted through LAPS they leave with a bag of Earth Options to start their new journey in their forever home.

Our relationship with Pet’s 1st is one that we are incredibly grateful for.  To know that all the animals within our shelter are getting quality food while they stay with us and not having to worry about purchasing this as Pet’s 1st donates 100% of it.  We wouldn’t be able to do many of the other leading edge activities without the support of Partners like Pet’s 1st.

Providing for less fortunate pets

Since December 2012, Pets First has given away 3000 lbs of Earth Options pet food to 30 different shelters and rescues located in British Columbia and Alberta. We do so by creating a ‘Giveaway Contest’ on our Facebook page where we ask the public to submit a bio on a rescue and/or shelter they feel is in need of more dry food donations. The first two giveaways in December 2012 and April 2013 were directed primarily to cat shelters, as we recognized that the cat overpopulation was a huge issue and that there was a constant need for food donations amongst the rescues and shelters.

The response to our giveaways has been incredible, with over twenty different nominations from the public. This past July we switched the focus to our canine friends and donated 1000 lbs of dog food. By chance, the timing of our giveaway coincided with the Alberta flooding disaster. As a result, 6 out of the 7 chosen recipients were from Alberta.

All the shelters in our giveaways are ‘No Kill’ shelters. Nearly all are 100% volunteer run and a majority of them do not even have physical shelters. Many operate with a foster care system; taking in abused, surrendered and/or homeless pets until they find a furever home. With help and nominations from the public, we hope to continue donating food to shelters across western Canada.

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