We Work in Unique Ways

Dogs With Special Needs & Sensitivities

Natural dog food hypoallergenic

Our real passion is the furry families we take care of as customers. We recognize that we are small but that makes us big. We devised a unique plan of action very early in our 20 plus year existence. We found that not every food is for every dog. Dogs are much like us there were always nutritional nuances that we could navigate successfully throughout a pet’s life. Instead of developing 40 different foods that would satisfy individual breeds or sensitive stomachs or goopy ears or an overweight issue we developed a stable of recipes that we could blend to provide you with a ‘custom pet food solution’ to any or at least most issues that arise throughout the life of your furry family. It’s really quite a novel to explain so here is a simple description.

If your dog has an issue we will work with you at using a combination of our healthy pet food recipes to solve that issue. In some cases we delve into the environment that your pet lives in. We also ask about outside factors other than diet. If we can’t resolve an issue then we will recommend a different course of action that will hopefully help you and your furry companion live a healthy life. We have found that fresh nutritious pet food offered in proper amounts helps avoid obesity and a good exercise regime for both you and your pet are instrumental in the health and well being of your furry family. We are here to provide solutions, answers and ultimately peace of mind.


We have a special program designed for registered CKC and/or AKC breeders. Part of the service we provide is a direct link between the puppies’ or kittens’ pet parents and their breeder. This enables breeders to not only track the longevity and health of their prodigy but also keeps them in the loop if there are any issues with food sensitivities. As an additional bonus to breeders and the ongoing work of their individual programs, all purchases are tracked and a rebate is provided to the breeder of record on a quarterly basis. More details are available from our Head office.


Pets First offers a generous discount program to other businesses and their staff in our neighbourhood. We are especially happy when some of our customers come and visit. We love to hear the great stories and see the happy faces. Dog drool is welcome here!

Our Environment

Pets First is always on the cusp with new and ingenious programs, several years ago we started a unique bag recycle program. We started by searching for a proper place to offer our pet parents for their empty bags. The bags we use are designed to keep the food inside fresh and nutritious. Sometimes that is at odds with the environment. We came up with our unique plan.

Pet parents can send us or drop off their empty bags and for helping us save the environment we send them a FREE bag of the food they currently use. We then accumulate these bags at our warehouse until we can find a source for their use or disposal that is environmentally friendly. Details are available at our head office.


For your Convenience

Pets First home delivers pet food directly to your door in most areas of Canada and the Western United States. We try to keep the cost reasonable and affordable. We encourage our e-commerce buyers to double up their orders for the same delivery charge. We only ask that you store your dog or cat food order in a dry, cool place. Keep the bag sealed until ready to use and once opened take what is needed and then carefully close the bag removing as much air as possible. Our pet food bags all have the date of manufacture stamped on them so we always know when it was made and where its been before being delivered to your home.

For the Community

Pets First recognizes that a good corporate presence helps the surrounding community. We are always open to providing expertise if possible. We support local pet organizations so that they can keep up their good work. We have recently helped feed ‘Tiny Kittens’ A feral cat colony in the lower mainland of Greater Vancouver. We are affiliated with LAPS (Langley Animal Protection Society) by providing them with donated fresh food so that the animals they take care of are properly nourished. We also help support the “B.C. Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund“. Firefighters not only save human lives but they risk theirs to save pet lives as well. We gladly donate a portion of our profits to helping those in need throughout the many communities in which our products are available.